“being a designer is like that friend with a pickup truck, and it’s always moving day.”

said a designer with a truck


Hi, I’m Heather the newest arrow in your quiver.

I am a creative consultant with expert knowledge on digital marketing and branding, but do you want to know what truly sets me apart? ACTION. Not only can I strategize with you, I can take you from ideation to implementation.





Working with Heather is getting to work with the best version of yourself, because just when you think you’re finished and you’ve done your best, she brings out even more creativity and the end result is better than you could have imaged it.
— Kylie Sallee, Hair and Make-up
Heather gives clear direction and energizing inspiration with every project. She’s quick both with her creative thinking and her wit. I love that she likes to take risks. As a writer that’s partnered with her for many years, I find Heather to be supportive, constructive, collaborative, and totally fun.
— Mari Tzikas Suarez, Editorial Director
Heather has diligence, vision and a willingness to push her team beyond what is considered “finished”. Her foresight into upcoming trends and ability to cater to the clients needs is an indispensable trait.
— Bruce Wilson, Photographer